What Can You Get from SharePoint?

In running a company, whether it’s a small business or huge, you must have some software and tools that you can use to manage your files, employees, and other business operations more efficiently. However, there are several choices for that you choose from and getting to know each is advisable. Deciding which platform you are going to use for your business is extremely important in achieving a great result. 

One of the tools for managing a company is SharePoint. SharePoint Online has been widely used by corporations or enterprises in handling employees, files, online discussions and improving the teamwork. Aside from that, there are plenty of advantages that you get from SharePoint. This article will share the key points of SharePoint and let you know why it is the best tool for your organization.  

While you can use SharePoint without the internet, the features are quite limited. Even though you can still make a lot of changes to your website using SharePoint offline, SharePoint Online has more advantages. A lot of people are worried about migrating their files online because of security purposes yet SharePoint online offers an exceptional security service that can make your operations safer.   Sharepoint Online - Dataoutsource

   1. Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite 

ShrePoint is integrated with Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite. The EM+S allows users to sign in to the company applications without hassle. Which means they don’t have to put their passwords repeatedly once users are inside the company premises. This feature also reduces the workload for the IT department since there will be trouble on passwords. Even though it will automatically sign you into the app, the files and directories that need to be protected cannot be accessed by everyone. The privileged identity management that comes along with the Conditional Access allows files to be exclusive to those people who can access it. 

     2. Azure Information Protection 

Traditionally, protected documents need a lot of processes and operations so that they can be protected. Normally you have to go through different processes onActive Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS). Plus it requires a lot of authentication once you have to open the document outside the company. However, the Azure Information Protection allows you to protect the document more convenient and access the files without complicated configurations.  

     3. Azure DoS correlation and detection system

DoS (disk operating system) operates the hard disk drive which can be the storage of your files. There are some cases that your Dos will be affected by malicious software that can destroy your virtual properties. No matter how small your business is, the company should be aware of the DDos attack. The DDoS attack can simply get into the software and have access to your most secured files if not protected. Fortunately, the SharePoint comes with Azure DoS correlation and detection system. It protects the network from online perpetrators looking for a weak point in your system to get an advantage of your documents. Aside from that, it prevents the system to be attacked again in the future by the same online perpetrator or source.

    4. Office Graph API and Powershell

Using the Office Graph API and Powershell, SharePoint allows you to track online activities on the premises. It records the search histories, employees’ accounts, files accessed, events and procedures done in the system. This is the audit log. SharePoint allows users to track and have a report on the audit log. Furthermore, Office 365 provides more information on the audit log compared to SharePoint. 

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   5. Intelligent Security Graph

Graphs have been widely used in any type of business to present the data and track the progress of a company. Graphs must be exact so that you can fully get the idea of your progress. However, there are some people who would like to sabotage or add some additional content to the graph to sugarcoat the details. To prevent this, the Intelligent Security Graph protects your graphs and when someone attempts to put false details it will be recorded to the Office 365 security teams.   

Aside from these security services offered by SharePoint, there are more advantages that you can get from SharePoint. These are: 

  • With SharePoint, you can secure business information by creating policies in terms of auditing, storing and handling business records. You can also customize your own security settings.  
  • You don’t have to do manual data re-entry to collect your data from your customers, clients and suppliers. SharePoint allows you to gather information from your business partners using a web browser as it automatically sends accurate data to your system.  
  • Along with XML and Simple Object Access Protocol, SharePoint provides a platform that can connect to the related system with your own. It builds communication between system and can help enterprises to have a more secure transactions with clients.  
  • SharePoint allows users to have a new document library template to adequately manage contents in different languages. Some companies produce multilingual content to reach different types of customers globally and this can be quite tricky for companies to manage sometimes. With the help of new documents library template, you can compile the original content with the other revised documents.  
  • Even though SharePoint has a lot of features, the interface can be learned easily by the users. SharePoint was designed to improve the business processes by dealing with a very useful yet easy tool. 
  • Help employees to gather correct information about documents, discussion, contacts and events on the search tab. The search tab offers spelling correction and alerts to help users get a more accurate result.  
  • Storing data is easier with SharePoint. The document repositories help users to manage their files and data more efficiently and customize the information displayed on the screen.  
  • You can share information to your colleague without giving out the confidential information with Excel Services on SharePoint.  
  • SharePoint Online displays dashboard, graphs, discussions and scorecards to employees. This can help employees to monitor their progress and enhance their projects in the long run.  
  • The workflow allows users to view the events, approved leave and projects as well as shares information on business matters.  


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