Save Email Attachments to SharePoint O365 Using Flow

Having everything ready on the hub is one of the greatest features SharePoint has to offer. But how do we make sure that the attachments sent on the email are automatically routed to a designated Document Library for easy access and sharing? We’ll talk more about this in this blog.

Before creating the Flow, make sure you have a document library setup to store the attachments from your email. In this case, our document library is labeled as email attachments.

Using the When a New Email Arrives pops up, create a new Flow. Fill in the settings for the email recipient filter. Select yes for Has Attachment option to filter and process emails with attachments only.

Add a Get Attachment action next to parse through the attachments for this email and provide the message ID and attachment ID through the dynamic content box. An Apply option to each control will enclose this action to make sure that all attachments to this email are parsed through.

Next, add a Create File action and provide the URL of the document library you wish to save the extracted attachments into. Select from the folder icon the document library where you want to save the attachment. Use Attachments Name from dynamic content as the file name of the new file, and Body as the file content.

There you go. We hope we helped you save email attachments to document library. If you think we missed a few things, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media handles.

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