Publish All Projects in Project Online Using Flow

Are you looking for an easy way to publish all projects across your company using Flow? Well, now you are in luck.

First step is to search the Recurrence action for the trigger of the flow, then set the schedule that you want. The action should look like this:

The example shows a schedule that will run every Monday at 8:30PM.

After setting the trigger the next action is to get all Project Online projects using the List Projects action shown below:

All you need to do is provide the PWA site url to get all projects. Then after we filter it out to remove project templates. To do this we use the Filter array action:

In the From field we enter the result from the List Projects action in the previous step. For the filter we use “Returned projects Project type” and the condition is “not equal to” 1. Project Type 1 is the value for the Project Templates.

Next, we loop through all the projects from the result of the array to check them out, publish and check them back in. To do this we need an “Apply to each” action:

Inside the “Apply to each” action, we put first the “Checkout project” action:

Provide again the site url. For the Project Id, choose from the results in the Filter array action.

The final action is to Checkin and Publish project action:

You to provide again the PWA site url and then choose the Project Id from the results in the Filter array action. You can check if the flow works by going to the Project Center and look for the “Last Published” column. Check if the date has been modified to the schedule you provided the flow to run.




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