Office 365 Enterprise: Are You Making the Most Out of Your Investment?

While Office 365 Enterprise’s exact sales numbers are unclear, Microsoft’s overall revenue from its Office products stands at $277 million per year. Microsoft says that the growth from the previous year can largely be attributed to Office 365, rather than its ‘standard’ Office suite.

Office 365 is a subscription service, so value for money increases the more you use it. Make the most of your investment by finding new ways to put its programs and services into action.

If you need help in the early stages to configure, integrate, and customize your Office 365, we can do that for you.

After you’re up and running, here are some ways you can put your investment to good use.

Teams for End User Collaboration Growth

Using Microsoft Teams improves your overall ability to collaborate on files. With this, the different teams in your company no longer need to manually pass their documents back and forth. Collaborate online seamlessly instead.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft Teams is now one of the top choices for a booming corporation.

It’s an intuitive program, and as well as sharing files, coworkers can talk to each other and conduct online meetings.

PowerShell for Effective O365 Admin

PowerShell can help you make repetitive tasks automated and get new capabilities. This component can do it without the use of the Office 365 admin center. You can use this in a lot of the most common administrative usage situations like adding a proper license to new user accounts as well as configuring their account properties.

Of course, that’s few of the many uses of PowerShell. You can discover a lot more of its functionalities the more you use it. Have the initiative to do your research and familiarize yourself with it.

OneDrive for Workers

OneDrive is a versatile app that also works on mobile devices.

It combines both personal and office work into one platform. Your workers won’t need to worry about security either because it enables them to gain access to two clouds without having to leave the app – OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Everyone in your company can access, share, and delete the files stored in the cloud using the OneDrive app. Unlike other similar apps, this doesn’t hide features in complicated menus, ensuring even people who aren’t tech-savvy can get used to it in minutes.

Use Update Time as Means of Training Users

Ever got tired of manually updating your software? The process slows down production and the downtime can irritate employees.

Avoid this by making good use of Update Time. It removes the need for your company’s IT team to manually install the updates and patches released by Microsoft for the Enterprise Office 365.

With this feature active, Microsoft slipstreams each update in as soon as it’s released, automatically and silently. What this means for your company is that you have more time to let your users adopt the compendium with the use of training and tools.

You can use the extra time to ensure that employees become more accustomed to Office 365.

Understand Users with Reports

The admin center has a component called Activity Reports. It’s important to use this feature to check if your employees are performing at the height of their capabilities.

Activity Reports helps you know which of your end-users need more training and which ones need their licenses reassigned to other users. You can also monitor your users’ mailbox and see which ones need their attachments purged for faster performance.

One of the most important benefits of Activity Reports is that it lets you keep track of your best workers. You can keep note of those lagging behind and those who need extra Office 365 Enterprise training.

Keep Learning with Admin Training Portal

Always keep in mind that the admin training and tutorials portal located on the Microsoft website has a lot of training resources.

They’re easy to use and it helps your admins to get the most out of their usage of the Office 365. This helps their teams understand it, making their work easier and more streamlined.

The resources can help everyone get on the same page on Office 365 cloud apps as well as administration, deployment, and much more. Let everyone pore over these pages to prepare them for their next move: protecting their documents, mail, and more from loss.

That said, not everyone can understand PDF documents as easily as others. This is why professional training from a service provider can boost productivity even further.

Use Backup Solution to Prevent Data Loss

While it’s unlikely for your files to get lost because of data center failures or a power outage, there’s a chance for it to disappear because of other factors. These aren’t related to Microsoft since most data loss problems don’t involve infrastructure problems and natural disasters. Rather, it’s because of human error.

For example, if your employee deletes a file by accident or by malicious intent, it results in sudden data loss. Another reason it can happen is due to ransomware attacks. When you experience instances like these, your company becomes more susceptible to profit loss, and decrease in productivity.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have a third party provider that will provide a backup of your files. It’s a good safeguard to ensure that your company stays consistent in case the data gets compromised by any of these situations.

More About Office 365 Enterprise 

When you implement this compendium, you’re opening up new ways of working for your company. With more and more employees opting to work outside of an office, Office 365 provides a good way for them to work outside office hours and on their mobile devices.

This lets you capitalize on these changes and impact your business in various positive ways.

Office 365 enables your employees to work together no matter where they might be in the world. It’s a great platform that makes it easy for even total computer beginners to learn without much trouble. Take the plunge today and make the most out of what Office 365 can offer.

Do you need help configuring your Office 365 Enterprise? Contact us today. We’re happy to assist you.

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