Microsoft Office Ease and Advantage

Microsoft Office or MS Office, it is client software or popular program in all desktop publishing programs. Microsoft Office comes with different options or a different variety. Some of the computer users have the other optional Microsoft office like PowerPoint for presentation, Spreadsheet good for inventory in your business, Microsoft Word for reports and much more not only in some businessman/woman but also it suites for students, home user, and other corporations. It depends on your choice of what are you going to do.

Microsoft office is known as a standard for the industry when it comes to some publishing desktop. If the document is at the Microsoft Word format there are some exceptions in order to stay in mode or in style MS Office is a great advantage to use. 

Microsoft office has a different kind of software, it helps all desktop publishing. If you are going to write a letter to some of your clients, or list all the inventory in your business then Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is the best software to use. You can hire a Microsoft Publisher to create your Microsoft Brochure for you or you could use an MS Excel for your clients to collect some data. 

Most Businesses Have a Use for It 

Any kinds of business are suites for the Microsoft Office to list all the database. It can also create fliers using Microsoft Publisher and other advertisements your clients are asking for or other advertisements to post around town. Business Corporations can use MS Powerpoint for presentation and reports and MS Word for some important memos and publications. Since there are kinds of business and clients MS Office is the popular list of programs that suites for them. 

Ease of Use 

MS Office is known for user-friendly or easy to use because all the programs list in the Microsoft office has helpful features that can reach your goal. You can do whatever you want in this software, both personal and business can use this MS Office. They have also some substantial help files that can build in the programs if it is stuck. 

Online Support From Microsoft 

MS Website has hundreds of pages that are committed to helping for their MS Office products. This plot has free templates that are available for MS Software and can also troubleshoot some errors if it has a problem. It also automatically update your software for bug-free so that it is also working at the best form. 

Online Tutorials 

online tutorial - dataoutsourceIn spite of the help that you can get in MS online, there are some websites that are faithfully devoted to helping and has tutorials to help fix your problem. If you want to study how to make a unique postcard, bloggers and some webmasters will show you how to do it. Since the software is usual and ordinary there are websites that can help you. 

Used by over 1.2 billion people and businesses 

To place that in a specific circumstance. 20% of the world’s population use MS Office 365. It can help individuals to avoid mistakes. 

It is shown that the percentage of some enterprises or businesses with at least 100 users that increased from 87% to 91% and the usage within the enterprise grew 320% 

The standard deviation shows that MS has successfully resuscitated office as a cloud-based programme which can be accessed anywhere. 

 Microsoft’s free trial

Microsoft also offers a free trial of its productivity suite, Microsoft Office, to anyone who wants to try out Word, Excel or some of their other Office applications. You won’t have to pay anything for the trial, but if you keep using the software after the trial month, Microsoft charges a subscription fee. An alternative to the subscription is you could buy a retail copy of Office or switch to a completely free alternative like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. 

Start a Free Trial 

To start the trial, you will visit the trial web page (link references) and you can choose a plan. You will log in with your MS account the same account that you use in Windows 8,, Xbox Live or skype or you can create for free. You also need to enter your credit card information for billing, if you are going to keep your endowment in the first month. After you register you can see in the site downloads that the office is installing. If you run this program from the download files set up a folder for the office. You don’t need to choose because if you install an MS Office it is automatic that it includes every variety and available program.  

 After the Trial

If you will maintain your Office 365 program subscription, you don’t need any changes in the office. just keep using it and MS will charge and deduct in your credit card. If you can’t pay, then you need to cancel your subscription from the “My Account” website before the free months run out or else it will still charge in your credit card. Other option in MS Office 365 you can also buy a retail copy of office. Retail copies don’t need a fee or what they called subscription fee unlike 365 you will not receive some major updates, it means that if you will buy an Office 2013 you are stuck with the 2013 edition until you buy a new one , it has few features unlike the 365 has a lot of new features that are easily use in all business variety. If you want to change you need to cancel the subscription and you need to uninstall the office 365 before you install a retail software to avoid any problems or any conflicts copies in your computer. 


So now you know the benefits of Microsoft’s Office has to offer that can go well for your business or company or it is user-friendly. Rather than having to use multiple brands and programs, all you can do is have a simple program instead. In which it has great features around for your employees to use and suites in all business variety. 


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