Microsoft 365 Tools You Can Use to Train Your Employees

Back in the day, the word training means teaching new employees what they need to do for the job they signed up for. Nowadays, veteran employees need to be trained to cope with the ever-changing dynamics of the modern workplace, especially that a lot of companies are shifting to tools like Microsoft Office 365 migration and adapting to cloud-based environment.
In this respect, training does not only enhance one’s work performance, but also improves one’s morale that results to better compliance and retention.

With the help of tools like Office 365, you only need some creativity and effort to create custom workflows that will keep employees informed. This will also enable managers to keep track of their workers’ progress. Here are the options you have for training your people using Microsoft 365.


Using SharePoint, employers can create repositories where they can store and categorize work documents. When this is done, employees can be directed to them for training. This is like managing a website – you organize by putting in links to vital information. SharePoint can be used to link specific work documents and assign them to employees to read and edit. When they are done, the tool then helps in verifying the completion of the task using an online quiz or form.

Microsoft Flow

Using Flow, you can create automated processes around training protocols. Microsoft Flow also sends emails to managers informing them if an employee has finished the task assigned to him. Verification is done via quiz and online form, which upon completion triggers the sending of the email.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is an excellent tool for conducting real-time visual training sessions. As a trainer, you can include hundreds of employees in your call. The chat function is another outstanding benefit of using Skype for Business; this allows participants to ask questions during training and you can give real-time answers. You can also record the calls and save in repositories for future use, which will benefit employees who need to use the sessions as reference or if they missed the call altogether.

Simple and flexible ways of training are keys to effective upgrade of your employees’ skills. Let Microsoft 365 services help you in improving workplace productivity and the employee retention.

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