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Everyone is using Microsoft 365 products: Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. These products give users the ability to work on tasks or projects creatively and intelligently. Aside from the different applications carried in all three MS 365 products, security is the utmost priority of Microsoft. 

There are various benefits of using MS 365. It depends if the product is suitable to you or your organization’s needs. If the services don’t serve you well, they’re not at all beneficial to you. In this article, we’ll talk about the major advantages and security capabilities that you get when you use Microsoft 365.

Utilize Office apps on mobile, web, and PC or MacDataOutsource - Office 365

One of the huge benefits of acquiring MS 365 is that users who are on mobile, web, and personal computers or Mac can easily navigate through Office 365 applications, which are already familiar to them. MS Office 365 Office apps are available on PC and Mac. The web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are also in place.

These apps are also optimized for mobile phones and tablets. Because your files will be stored in the cloud, you can easily access, co-author, and share documents online and offline. If you’re on mobile, just go to Google Play or Apple Store and choose which Microsoft Office 365 apps you want to install.

If you want to set up your Microsoft account, you can visit the company website where you’ll be asked to select the device type you want to set up your account on PC, phone, tablet, Xbox, and Microsoft Band. After that, you’ll be asked to sign in with you MS account. To sign in, just select the Start button, click Settings, click Accounts, and choose Email & app accounts.

Under Accounts used by other apps, choose Add a Microsoft account. You’ll need to follow the prompts to add your Microsoft account. Enter the confirmation code for identity verification. Once done, you’re good to go. The next time you sign in to Windows, you can already use your Microsoft account name and password.

Improve communication 

Businesses of all sizes also use Microsoft 365 to improve collaboration within workers. The company has developed the Microsoft Teams—a hub that gives users the power to pull together chat conversations, content, and apps. You can also host audio, video, calls, and web conferences for internal and external users.

What’s good about using Teams is that it’s built on Office 365 groups and Office Graph. Teams has a similar enterprise-level security, manageability, and compliance like that of MS Office 365. When you create a team, these are also created: new Office 365 group, SharePoint Online site and document library for file storage, Exchange Online email service, and OneNote notebook. Along with the acquisition of Teams is a partnership with other MS Office 365 applications like Planner and Power BI for business analytics.

For audio conferencing, Teams also participants to join meetings through public switched telephone network (PSTN). Attendees must dial in numbers using a traditional land line, private branch exchange (PBX), or mobile phone. For meetings, you need to ensure that the locations of those attending the discussion have access to internet so that they can connect to the Office 365 services.

If you wish to record your meetings and group calls, Team also displays recording option for automatic transcription. This way, those who weren’t able to join meetings can play back recordings with captions. They can also look for items discussed in meetings or calls in the transcript.

Take advantage of AI-powered solutions

Microsoft has also infused artificial intelligence in Microsoft 365 to enhance productivity. For example, Teams has been made available in a free version worldwide in 40 languages. The free version includes built-in audio and video calling, 10GB of team file storage, additional 2 GB per user for personal storage, integrated and real-time content creation with Office Online apps, including built-in Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel, among others.

Plus, the company’s secure and global infrastructure consistently supports communication of people from inside or outside the company. Teams free version now allows app integrations with more than 140 business apps to choose from, including Adobe, Trello, and Evernote.

The company also enhanced experience on live and on-demand events in Microsoft 365. For example, there’s a speaker timeline that uses facial detection to determine who’s talking. There’s also a speech-to-text transcription, timecoding, and transcript search that anyone can use to find important moments or happenings in a particular recording. There are also closed captions included in recording.

Microsoft has also introduced a new Workplace Analytics solution for efficient meetings. Companies can now aggregate data in Workplace Analytics to monitor opportunities to improve collaboration at work. Using the analytics, they can share learning and suggest good work habits to teams using MyAnalytics.

Have you heard of the Microsoft Whiteboard? It’s already available in Windows 10 and Apple Store for iOS devices. MS Whiteboard’s web app preview is now also available to commercial users, as of April 25, 2019. With Whiteboard, you can transform your work into professional-looking charts and shapes on an infinite canvas. Whiteboard has an interface designed for pen, touch, and keyboard. Just save your work and work on it at a later time.

Secure data, comply with standard policies

When you use Microsoft 365, trust that your data is in good hands. The company offers industry-leading privacy and compliance. They also have support for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployments. Microsoft ensures protection to all users, devices, applications, and first-party or third-party data. Using their AI security capabilities, they can easily detect familiar and unfamiliar threats in an environment.

Customer data is also protected by Microsoft operations and support team. There will be no access to customer data by default. If access to customer data is approved, leadership approval is required and then access will be carefully monitored and recorded.

The company also uses multi-tenant service called Azure, which uses logical isolations of customer data. Microsoft also uses data encryption to safeguard integrity and confidentiality of data. They also implement data redundancy to protect data from cyber attack or data center’s physical damage due to disasters. Data redundancy can be done in two ways: in-country storage for compliance or latency considerations or out-of-country storage for security or disaster recovery purposes.

Whichever Microsoft Office 365 you plan to use or maybe using, Microsoft assures you that they’re doing everything they can to provide you and all other customers a great experience when you use any of their products. In fact, they continue to host various training sessions and tours for you to join and be informed in all the developments and innovations they plan to accomplish in the future. For now, enjoy your subscription or your free trial.

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