How to Schedule Your Flow Recurrently

Microsoft Flow has been known to bring tremendous benefits, including convenience, to companies running business processes and tasks. Flow is known for being an expert in automating repetitive tasks. And one good feature about Flow is scheduling.

Scheduling flows is beneficial to employees who want to run processes like sending emails before holiday season. Sending emails is quite a repetitive task, so scheduling this task can maximize a person’s time at work. Instead of spending more time sending emails to the same people at same occasions, you can already schedule your emails.

You can create a flow that does one or more tasks once a day, an hour, or a minute; on a specific date; or after a number of days, hours, or minutes that you indicate in the flow.To create a recurring flow, simply sign in to Microsoft Flow. Select My flows on the left or top navigation bar (depending on what device you are using and how Flow is displayed). Choose Create from blank option. In the Search all connectors and triggers box, just type the word Recurrence and select Schedule – Recurrence as displayed in the box.

Specify how often you want your flow to run. You must indicate your choices under Interval and Frequency drop downs. For example, you can indicate 4 under Interval and week under Frequency if you want the flow to run every four weeks.


There is an advanced option just below Interval and Frequency. Just click Show advanced options. The advanced options change based on the values you place in Interval and Frequency.

Make sure you select a time zone to indicate that the start time reflects a local time zone, Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), and the like.

Another important thing to remember is that you should specify the start time in this format: yyyy-mm-ddthh:mm:ssz. Just a reminder, specify the time of day when the flow should run if you indicated day under Frequency.

Also, indicate the day or days of the week as well as time or times of day when the flow should run if you specified week in Frequency option. Then, Add the action or actions to the flow.

Below is a sample screenshots of a recurrence in Flow. The flow runs at 20:30 on Monday every week.

Hope you learned how to schedule your flow recurrently in this blog. Let us know what you think about this feature in Flow and leave a message in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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