How to Organize Your Notes with Microsoft OneNote on SharePoint

Taking notes and organizing notebooks in Microsoft OneNote can be quite tricky, especially if you’re using the tool for the first time. OneNote is your digital notebook where you can list down your ideas, thoughts on projects, minutes of the meetings, attach images, make a list of your daily tasks, or even draw. You can get OneNote for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and web apps.

OneNote SharePoint integration is one of the best innovations of Microsoft. The integration allows SharePoint users to use OneNote, which offers easy navigation and drag and drop functionality. The only question that you should ask yourself is how are you organizing your notes in SharePoint? In this blog, we’ll talk about how to better arrange your notebooks in OneNote inside SharePoint. But before that, let’s talk more about the features of OneNote.

OneNote stores all types of notes, images, audio recordings, drawings, and more. You can arrange pages, subpages, sections, and notebooks by dragging and dropping them to where you want to place them. OneNote allows you to make use of the search feature to find information, which saves you more time. You can also share your pages and notebooks with others for better collaboration.

Organizing Notebooks, Sections, and Pages in OneNote

Organizing notebooks, sections, and pages is easy in OneNote. Simply go to OneNote and click View. Go to Navigation Panes and choose to show all your notebooks, sections, and pages. Move page from one section to another by dragging it to the section you want it to be.

To rearrange page within section, simply drag title of any page to where you want it. Rearrange the sections the same way. Copy pages and sections between notebooks by right clicking a page and clicking Copy. Then, go to a section, right click a page, and select Paste.

To move or copy a section, right click section and select Move Copy. Then, select notebook and select move, copy, or cancel. The section appears in that notebook. When you’re done arranging, select View, Navigation Panes, and choose whether you want to show sections and pages, show only pages, or hide all pages.

If your company is already using SharePoint, OneNote may already be there in the menu bar ready for you to use. The next thing that you have to do is maximize the tool.

To add OneNote to SharePoint, you must first be granted an access by your admin. To start, go to library and open Internet Explorer Security and click Allow. Click the local folder path and copy it. Go back to OneNote, click File, New, and choose web, network, or my computer. Put a name, network location, and paste the folder path that you copied awhile ago. Then click Create Notebook. Rename the section in OneNote. Go back to OneNote to see if the section that you created is already there. Please take note that these steps are for uploading OneNote file to SharePoint.

There’s another way of saving OneNote 2010 pages, sections, and notebooks to a SharePoint library. To start, click the File tab and Save As. Under Save Current, select either to save a Page, Section, or Notebook. Then, choose the format that you want to save and choose Save As. Find the SharePoint location to which you want to save the page, section, or notebook in the Save As dialog box. Click Save.

There are different ways to move OneNote notebook to SharePoint using OneNote 2010 and OneNote 2013. For OneNote 2010, just open the notebook and click File, Info, Share on Web or Network. Next, follow the guide to finish moving your notebook to SharePoint. For OneNote 2013, simply open the notebook and click File and Share. Then, select SharePoint location. Click Move Notebook.

The good thing about OneNote is that it’s accessible from any device. You can create or share notes using your mobile phone. All your changes to your sections, pages, and notebooks are automatically saved. You can also easily grab your content even without an internet connection. The best part is that OneNote works better with Office applications.

There you go. Have you tried organizing OneNote pages, sections, and notebooks in SharePoint? How do you find it? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this blog on your social media handles.

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