How to Maximize Your Performance Management at Microsoft 365

The success of a business depends on a lot of factors, including hard work, right talent, good business idea and partners, and relevance of products or services to the consumers. Most of the time, a business grows when employees and everyone in the company and performing well. This is the reason why companies conduct performance appraisals and evaluations to assess if employees are performing or not.

Part of conducting regular evaluations is to assess whether the organization, departments, or business processes are doing well or are still relevant. The world is constantly changing, and companies need to keep up with the changes, particularly technological changes. Thanks to Microsoft because companies can now evaluate their business performance through various tools and products like Microsoft SharePoint 365, SharePoint Online, and more.

SharePoint Online

Companies are already using SharePoint Online, which is an intranet that can be used as a Microsoft performance management system that allows companies to manage their people, resources, equipment, budget, projects, and more. Although Microsoft developers have received SharePoint criticism because of its functionality, a lot of companies are maximizing SharePoint because of its ability to provide other effective features that are suitable to their business needs.

For example, SharePoint Online has an audit log feature that keeps records of all the projects that are currently worked on by a person. This feature will help managers assess how long does an employee work on a single task daily. The said feature audits items that are modified or edited, checked in or out, moved from one location to the other, or deleted or restored.

An example of auditing is auditing for a site collection. To activate this feature, you must go to your site collection and click Settings > Site Information. Then, click View all site settings. Then, click the Site collection audit settings under the Site Collection Administration. You’ll be directed to the Configure Audit Settings page where you can enable the auditing feature. You can also specify the number of days the audited log will remain. Remember that the retention period in the audit database is 90 days only.

You can also monitor which document has been deleted or if a user’s password has been reset. To do this, search the Office 365 audit log to find out what the users and admins are doing. You should set the start and end date of the period that you want to monitor. You can show results for all user and add all or part of a file name, folder name, or URL. When you’re done, click Search. These are just some of the intelligent features of SharePoint Online that you can maximize.


Another Microsoft product that you can use as a Microsoft performance management system is the web-base collaboration tool called Teams. Team is mainly for instant messaging among your teams, but it also provides file sharing, mentions, call management for meetings, search, and more. You can use Teams to create dedicated chat groups for marketing, IT, HR, sales, and other departments to focus your conversations on a specific department.

If it’s time to evaluate employees’ performances, you can use file sharing feature to send performance appraisal document to employees or HR department. If you need to evaluate a person, who is outside the country for a business trip, you can use the call management of Teams. Plus, you can add more people as attendees to the said call.

Teams also has usage report that keeps track of the activities, including the number of active users as well as channels. This feature allows you to quickly see the number or people or users in your organization who are using Teams. You can also see the usage information for teams, including the number of active users and channels, guests, and messages in every team.


People love it when they’re appreciated. You can do this personally or virtually. Microsoft offers Yammer, which is a great tool to boost communication and engagement with everyone in your organization. You can use Yammer to praise someone who successfully launched a company event, sealed a deal with a client, or achieving a perfect attendance.

People in the organization can hit Like, respond to your post, and even share it on Yammer to allow more people to see your post. You can also use Yammer to publish announcements so that everyone is updated on the latest or upcoming company events. For example, you can post an announcement about a quarterly meeting that has been moved to another date or any announcements that must be known immediately by everyone.

Yammer is also a great tool for asking suggestions on company strategies to boost the morale of employees. You can use the Yammer to gather feedback from your group using the Poll feature. Simply post a poll and add answer options like yes, no, maybe, or something else.

Microsoft 365 has a lot of performance management tools that you can look up and avail yourself of, but it depends on which Microsoft performance management system suits your business needs. These are just few products of Microsoft that we can share with you in this blog.

What Microsoft performance management system are you using right now? How do you find it? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this blog on social media.

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