Difference between Classic and Modern SharePoint

SharePoint is designed to be flexible, configurable, and compatible with every business need. Microsoft continues to develop SharePoint capabilities. You might have heard your peers talking about the modern SharePoint, but what is it? How is the modern SharePoint different from the classic experience in Office 365? Also, we’ll talk about the modern experience of SharePoint Server 2019.

SharePoint started in 2002 with the classic experience. As years gone by, the intranet has developed its features, web parts, designs, and more to give users a modern experience when they access their intranet. Everyone opts to use the modern experience, but to be able to assess what changes have been implemented to the modern experience, let’s also talk about the classic experience in SharePoint.

Home Page

Let’s start with the SharePoint homepage in Microsoft Office 365. The modern experience will give you access to SharePoint sites and discover the latest news from various sites, within your organization. The modern experience also provides users capability to build sites and news posts.

On the upper left of the image below, you’ll see that there’s an option for you to create site and create news post. You can also see list of news from sites, sites that you always visit, and sites that are suggested for you.

In the image above, you’ll find all the sites that you follow and the recent sites that you visited. You can also bookmark or tag a site as your favorite, so you won’t have to search for that particular site. You can also use the search bar on the upper center of the SharePoint home page.

For SharePoint Server 2019, Microsoft has introduced new features to this latest server version. Take note that not everyone is using SharePoint Online. There are still organizations who are operating within on-premise scenarios.

Microsoft also improved SharePoint 2019 home screen, which collects all the sites and news that you follow in one dashboard. What is SharePoint server? It’s also called as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). The MOSS is responsible for providing an integrated platform for creating customized web-based portals and applications inside the Windows Server environments.

Team Sites

Another innovation for SharePoint modern experience is its team sites. The team sites now have modern news, quick links, and site activity. Team sites are also responsive on mobile devices. In the image below, the classic experience doesn’t show quick links and site activity unlike in the SharePoint modern experience.

In SharePoint 2019, the new team sites are already in modern experience mode. You can now build new team sites from the SharePoint home page without asking help or access from your IT manager. It can be recalled that the SharePoint server classic experience is not supported with the modern experience.

Communication Sites

Communication sites are now ready to be used in SharePoint 2019 for the first time. In the classic version, the communication sites are not supporter.

SharePoint Online now allows users to share news, statuses, and other information digitally. Communication sites in SharePoint Online are now easier to build without depending on publishing site infrastructure.

Lists and Libraries

The modern experience of SharePoint Online already has an optimized lists and libraries. You can easily transfer files using the command, pin files, add files as links, apply formatting to columns, and more in the modern experience of SharePoint Online.

The SharePoint classic experience only allows users to drag files that they want to be uploaded. The modern experience displays icons of files and authors or the ones who uploaded the files. Thumbnails of documents are also displayed in the modern experience which gives it a more appealing look.

SharePoint Server 2019 is now partnered or supported by OneDrive. This means that users can now easily create new folders, upload documents, and store files in SharePoint and OneDrive. The classic experience of SharePoint only had syncing and integrating capabilities for lists and libraries.

Pages and Web Parts

Of course, the modern SharePoint experience for SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2019 have a new look and features for their pages and web parts.

In the classic web part pages and publishing pages had complicated structure and were hard to build, the SharePoint Online web pages are easier to build. This is because the pages now use modern web parts that are designed to be used conveniently. There’s also no need to do coding to create pages.

In the classic experience, developers have to use content editor web part in adding text and other content. In the modern experience, developers use the text web part where they can easily add and format text and tables in a page. The text web part also allows them to create links within the Text web part.

SharePoint 2019 web parts can now make the process of creating and sharing important updates and announcements simplified and easier. Examples of web parts are Microsoft Planner, MS Forms, and File Viewer. Posts and announcements can now carry graphics and good formatting.

If you haven’t tried SharePoint, you can look for good articles on the web on how to learn SharePoint at home. There are various web tutorials and good write-ups that you can study on. You can also follow Microsoft SharePoint on social media to get the latest updates on the modern experience.

What are you currently using now? Do you prefer classic or modern SharePoint experience? Let us know in the comments section below if you think there are important things that you think we missed in this article. Don’t forget to share this blog on social media.

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