Common Usage of SharePoint Hub Sites

A Microsoft SharePoint hub site is beneficial to organizations who want to bring together all their team sites and communication sites in a single hub.

A SharePoint hub site provides easy navigation among associated sites, gathers news and related site activities within company, retains exact theme to improve visitor awareness of associated sites, and focuses on discovering content that are available in all associated sites.

Associated sites are those sites allocated for different divisions, departments, or regions in a company’s hub site. In this blog, we’ll talk about the common usage of a SharePoint hub site.


There are different navigation bars in Microsoft SharePoint Online. There’s the site navigation or the Quick Launch, which is located on the left side of the site. There is also a site collection navigation that you can use when you’re creating a navigation to various subsites that are all located in the same site collection. The site collection navigation only appears on sites that are not linked with Office 365 groups.

There’s also a hub site navigation or the tenant navigation, which is present in the modern SharePoint version. The tenant navigation collects in one bar all your associated sites and site collections. You can see the hub site navigation bar at the upper part of a hub site or associated site.

The hub site navigation bar is also located above the site navigation. If you are the hub site owner or have edit permissions on a SharePoint site, you can customize the navigation bar with links for your hub site and associated sites. You can add, modify, or delete links on the left side menu on a team site menu, the top menu or footer menu on a hub site or SharePoint communication sites, or the hub site navigation bar that you can see on all associated sites.

You can also change the style of the navigation bar by clicking on Change the look of your SharePoint site. There are a lot of ways that you can customize the navigation bar of your hub site. Just make sure that you determine first what SharePoint version you are using. Are you using SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019, 2013, 2016, or 2010 version?

Engaging Web Parts

The most common web part that’s present on a SharePoint hub site is the news web part. These are the news published by the owner or admin on a hub site and news from associated sites that are shown in the hub home page. You can customize which news from any associated site appears on the listing using the news web part.

You can also highlight the whatever associated site in the home page by using the sites web part. Aside from the news web part, you can also highlight whatever content you feel is engaging and can boost morale in the hub home page. Just use the highlighted content web part, which shows you the most recent documents that you viewed or worked on by default.

A SharePoint hub site also provides an events web part where you can see all the events from your associated sites. You can also add an event or click add to my calendar any upcoming event so you can keep track on all company activities.


Search functionality is made easier and personal in SharePoint Online and on Personal search means that your search results are pulled personally based on your previous activity in Office 365.

The good thing about hub site’s search bar is that your private files can’t be found or located by other team members. Search results in SharePoint provides you access to visit a site, preview a document, hover an image, go to folders, and view or hide details of a certain search result.

SharePoint also allows you to click anywhere in the empty space of a search result. SharePoint also suggests locations for you to explore. And you’re redirected back to the page where you started your search the moment you choose to leave the current search result page you’re in.

How to Create Hub Site in SharePoint Online?

It’s easy to create hub site in Microsoft SharePoint Online. Make sure that you’re a global or SharePoint admin in Office 365 before you start setting up a SharePoint hub site.

Sign in to Find Admin centers in the left pane and choose SharePoint. In the SharePoint admin center, you’ll find Active sites. Click Active sites. Select the site, hub site, and register as hub site. You must provide a name for the hub site and specify the users or groups that you allow to associated sites with the hub that you’re creating. Once done, click Save.

Another good thing about Microsoft SharePoint is that it allows the creation of SharePoint communication sites, which is available in Office 365. Communication sites allow users in SharePoint to share information like news, sales reports, milestones on projects, and other relevant data that are beneficial for everyone in the intranet.

If you plan to create a communication site, you have the option to choose topic, showcase, or blank site designs. Topic site design allows you to share information. Showcase site design enables you to use images to showcase company products, team members, or events.

There you go. We hope we helped you identify the good things about a SharePoint hub site. If you think we missed a few things, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this blog on social media.

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